Fashion at your Fingertips

Perhaps we can’t all afford couture clothing straight from the runway, but who’s to say we can’t get in on the fashion action anyway, and even beat celebrities to it?!

I’ve picked four Spring / Summer 2014 ready to wear styles that I think are going to be big in the coming year.

Dolce and Gabbana Nailart Tutorial
Temperly London Nailart Tutorial
Missoni Nailart Tutorial
Alberta Ferretti Nailart Tutorial


By focusing in on the different elements that make up each look not only can your wardrobe get an update, but I’m also going to show you how you can translate each one into nailart to give you cutting edge couture at your fingertips.


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First up is Dolce and Gabbana.  I love the bold mix of vibrant polkadot and brocade.  It screams opulence and captures the best bits of Italy.  To adapt it to your wardrobe notice the courageous colour combo and the mix of prints.  This is certainly not a look to shy away from for 2014.


Photo by Blaow Photo

For this manicure, in addition to your base and top coat, you will need a red and a gold nail varnish and also ideally a black nail varnish pen or a normal black polish and also a fine acrylic brush.

20131005-165833.jpgThe colours I used were Fearless and Gold Coin both by Revlon and a black nailart pen by Rio.


1. After applying your base coat, add two coats of your red polish.

2. Next paint a gold stripe down the middle of the nail but only in the half closest to the tip of the nail.  Follow this up by painting two shorter stripes either side of the central stripe so what you are left with is a gold block, shaped like the skirt.

3. Use your black nailart pen (or dotting tool, or cocktail stick dipped in black nail varnish) and paint dots of nail varnish in diagonal rows along the remaining red section of the nail.

4. Focus in on a section of the skirt that you want to replicate for the brocade.  Taking your black nailart pen, paint your pattern on top of the gold part of your nail.  I would recommend practising this stage on some paper first.

5. Seal with your top coat and allow to dry while you await the compliments!


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Second in this series is one of my favourite looks from the entire Spring / Summer 2014 catwalk.  It comes from Temperly London and takes the art of gradient to the next level as it effortlessly blends leopard print into flirty florals – both an absolute must for this season.


For this design, as well as your base and top coat, you will need a light orange polish, a black nailart pen, a light pink polish, a darker pink pen and a green pen.  If you don’t have the pens then you can just as easily use a fine acrylic brush, but a pen allows for faster application as only one layer is needed to achieve the rich colour.

20131005-174751.jpgI used Sheer Blush by Revlon, a light orange shade by Nails Supreme, my trusty black nailart acrylic pen by Rio, Pink Friday by OPI, a dark pink pen by Nail Art and a green nailart acrylic pen by Rio.


1. First things first, apply your base coat followed by two coats of a nude polish.  Then apply some light orange varnish to about a half to two thirds of your nail at the cuticle end.  It doesn’t have to finish with a neat line.

2. Using your black nailart pen paint a series of short black lines in varying directions on only the orange section of the nail.  The lines should be in pairs and should curve towards one another but not touch, like brackets.  Intersperse these with a few black dots if there is empty space between each one.

3. Blob on some light pink varnish in rough dots onto the bare end of the nail.  Apply a couple of pink dots in the centre of the black brackets nearest the edge of the orange section to imitate the gradual fade from leopard print to florals.

4. Surround your pink dots with sets of dark pink brackets and again, intersperse with dark pink dots in any empty space.

5. Place tiny green dots in the centre of your pink brackets to look like flowers.

6. Apply your top coat and wait while they dry before giving your self a pat on the back for your impressive work!


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Third in line is a look by Missoni.  A lot of Missoni’s collection had a graphic Japanese influence, with inspiration from the elements – earth, air, fire and water.  Chevrons were a key factor, interpreted both as waves and birds.  If you’re wanting to update your wardrobe, reach for bold colours with multicoloured stripes or chevrons.  Think less breton and more varying widths of brightly coloured stripes mixed with monochrome.  Texture is also a big look for 2014 so aim to pair matte and sheer materials for a quick modern take on any outfit.


For this manicure, in addition to your base and top coat, you will need a blue hue, a black varnish and a white nailart pen.  You will also need nail tip guides, or, if you don’t have any, you could use thin strips of sellotape.

20131005-165852.jpgThe colours I went for were Dreamer and Knockout, both by Revlon, a white nailart pen by Rio and some French Tip Nail Guides that I ordered off Amazon.  I also used Matte Magic top coat by China Glaze.


1. To start, paint your base coat and follow up with two coats of your blue polish.

2. Next I recommend applying a quick drying top coat to seal in your colour so that when you apply the nail tip guides the colour doesn’t come off with the adhesive.  When this has dried, apply your nail tip guides in pairs.  I wanted one chevron on each nail, apart from my thumb which had two chevrons, and therefore four nail tip guides.

3. Paint black stripes between the nail tip guides and peel off the guides immediately after painting the black stripes onto each nail (you may want to use tweezers for this).

4. Using your white nailart pen, draw a border along the edge of the black chevrons.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect as this will resemble the jagged edges on the design.

5. Next apply your top coat.  I opted for a matte top coat to imitate the leather look of the skirt.


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Florals were big on the catwalk for Spring / Summer 2014, and no one portrayed them quite as intricately and delicately as Alberta Ferretti.  It was both dramatic and romantic with bright oranges and blues and greens and pinks that seemed to beckon in the summer.  If dark, wintery nights are starting to get too much for you then splash out some colourful florals to lift your mood.


In addition to your base and top coat, you will need the following colours: black, light blue, light pink, orange, purple, bright pink, yellow, white, green and coral.   You will also need some dotting tools and fine acrylic brushes and finally some patience and quite a bit of spare time.  Normally my manicures take me an hour.  This one took me two and a half as I was determined to get it right.

20131005-165902.jpgThe shades I used (from left to right) were Knockout and Dreamer both by Revlon, Pink Friday by OPI, Siren, Enchanting and Fuscia Fever, again all by Revlon, 330 by Barry M, White on White, Posh and Tropical Temptation by Revlon.


1. Start by painting your base coat, followed by two layers of your black polish.

2. Using your dotting tool, paint little blue flowers near the cuticle end of your nail, each made up of five dots.

3. Next repeat step 2 but paint pink flowers instead, further up the nail, and occasionally paint little pink dots over some of the blue dots near where the pink flowers are.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 using your orange polish to paint flowers at the tip of your nail and every so often paint over a pink dot near where the orange flowers are.

5. Paint a little purple smudge in the middle of the blue flowers.  It doesn’t have to be neat.  You want it to look like it blends in with the blue.

6. Paint dark pink dots in the centre of your blue (and now purple) flowers, and also in the middle of your pink flowers.

7. Paint some yellow dots over part of the orange flowers near the tip.

8. Place a tiny white dot in the centre of the blue and the pink flowers and around the outside of some of the blue and the pink petals.

9. Using your fine brush, dip it in a tiny bit of green and also in some white polish and paint leaves in any black spaces on the nail.  The effect should be some tiny streaky leaves.

10. I could have stopped there, but I thought my orange and yellow flowers didn’t look very realistic so using my light coral polish I added a little dot in the middle of each of the orange flowers to blend them in a bit better.

11. Finally, apply your top coat in gloopy dabs over the top so you are careful not to smudge your hard work.


There you have my predictions for what will be hot even before next summer, and how you can have couture within your reach.  Give it a go and if you post your photos, tag them @tillynailart so I can see how you get on.


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