More Recommended Nailart Equipment

As is always the way with these things – you write a list and before long, you realise you’ve overlooked something.

If you’re a beginner at nailart then check out my previous post on recommended nailart equipment which will see you through most designs.  However, this post will outline a couple of other tools that I have had the benefit of using recently.

1. Dotting tools


These dotting tools are quite literally game changers – they take your nailart from amateur to expert as each polka dot or petal is an exact circle.   They retain polish on the nib for a couple of dots and are predictable, which is where nailart pens fail.  You are in complete control with these and you don’t get cramp in your hand from squeezing the tube of a nailart pen.  This set comes in five different sizes and are easy to use and easy to clean.

2. Stripers


With the dual action – pen and thin brush, these stripers will help any design look professional.  When using the pen, the paint flows out much more freely than with other nailart pens so you are less prone to get cramp in your hand.  The striper allows you to draw straight lines along the length or width of your nail with little or no hassle.  With the variety of colours, this set has opened up a huge range of designs for me to try.

3. Acrylic brushes


Tiny brushes like this mean that no design is off limits.  The intricacies you can accomplish with these is immense.  I advise getting a few different sizes, bearing in mind you can never go too small.  If you are using a few brushes at the same time for one design you have to be particularly careful when switching brushes not to smudge your hard work, but you soon get used to the juggling act.

4. Fan brush


So I’m yet to try this method but using a fan brush you can achieve a messy stripes / zebra print look by sweeping a fan brush across your nail a couple of times.  I’ve ordered mine, can’t wait for it to arrive!

5. Nail tip guides


These nail tip guides are brilliant, and I particularly love that they come in a variety of shapes to help you achieve different looks.  You get loads in a packet so will be sure to come up with countless designs – my mind is buzzing with ruffian and chevron based ideas!  Don’t worry about having to wait ages for your base colour coat to dry, simply put on a fast drying top coat over your base colour and you won’t need to wait long at all.

6. Striping tape


For ages I wondered how people managed to get such straight lines when doing nailart and then I discovered striping tape.  This stuff is great, if quite fiddly to place on your nails, but you soon get the hang of it.  You can either use it as a template to help you achieve straight lines, or with all the different colours, you can simply pick the one you want, cut it to size and stick it to your nail in your desired pattern and then paint top coat over it.  So many possibilities!

So, there you have it, a few extra options to further your inspiration.  Hope you found it useful!


3 thoughts on “More Recommended Nailart Equipment

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