Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Random fact about me – I was born in Sweden.  My father’s job took my family to Stockholm for two years a long time ago, during which time I was born, so I spent the first six months of my life there.  Ok, so it’s not in my blood and I may never have been back, but it still forms a part of my history.   With this in mind I wanted to incorporate a bit of Scandinavia into our Christmas decorations this year.

Added to this, my little brother is getting married in less than a week so two of my sisters who live abroad will be coming home super soon and all this excitement basically means that rather than having just one Christmas tree we have two this year in my family home.

This one is in the sitting room where we will congregate to give out Christmas presents on Christmas Day, after watching the Queen’s Speech.

20131215-153500.jpgAnd this one is in the kitchen where we will have our Christmas dinner in ten days’  time, and no doubt want to pass out afterwards from so much turkey!


A few weeks ago I put together a Pinterest board to give me some inspiration for all the festive decorations and this is what I came up with in the end:

1. Some Nordic bunting


2. Wooden Christmas tree ornaments


3. Lots of red and white




And to honour the theme I chose to do some appropriate nailart to match.



For this design, in addition to your base and top coat, you will need a light blue, a coral, a black and a white nail varnish.  You will also need a make up sponge and a tiny brush.  The colours I used were DreamerTropical TemptationKnockout and White on White all by Revlon

1. First up is to paint your base coat and then follow up with two coats of your white nail varnish.  This will make the colours of the ombre more prominent.

2. Next paint horizontal strips of light blue and coral on to your make up sponge and dab gently over the white nail varnish.  You will want the light blue end to be near your cuticle and the coral end to be at the tip of your nail.  (See a previous post for a pictogram explaining how to do this.)  You will need to repeat this step three times to build up sufficient opacity.

3. Taking your black nail varnish paint tall triangles on your nails – they can be fairly rough.  I recommend varying the number of triangles you do on each nail.

4. Then pour out a bit of your white nail varnish onto a palette and, using your tiny brush, paint horizontal flecks along the black triangles.  Make sure the tip of the triangle is mostly white but then for the rest of the triangle, you will want enough of the black to show through so it still looks like a tree.

5. Add a few tiny white dots to the sky to add to the chilly, snowy, starry atmosphere and then seal with your top coat.

There you have it – a wintery wonderland at your fingertips.  I love how they turned out – hope you do too!

Winter Wonderland Nails

What’s your Christmas decoration theme this year?


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