Oh hi, so nice to see you!

Come on in, dump your stuff anywhere.  Was it alright getting here?

I’ve just put the kettle on, what can I get you?  Earl Grey?

Tea Cup Nails

I’ve had such a chilled day so far – painted my nails, watched some TV, blogged for a bit.  I’m so glad you’re here.

How long for?  Well, I’ve been doing nailart for about two years now, maybe more, and blogging for a year or so now.  Do you write?  I’d love to read some of yours.  I just find it so satisfying, building on it and refining it constantly.  Plus I could talk about nailart forever and at least this way, maybe some of my enthusiasm will rub off!

I’ve enjoyed it so much, picking up little bits here and there.  Nailart’s actually not that hard so I wanna show people they can do it too.

Milk, no sugar?

And I guess also, my hope is that even if people read my stuff who aren’t that bothered about nails, they’ll still feel inspired in some way.  It’s all meant to be encouraging and raise expectations about what’s achievable, with nailart, but, also in life.  Maybe that’s ambitious, but for me, investing in something creative … I’ve loved it so much.  I just think it would be so great if everyone found that thing that made them tick, you know?

I made some cherry cake yesterday – do you want some?  I’m gonna have such a big piece.

Ok then, let’s sit over here.  Totally, take your shoes off, get comfy …
Cupcake nails


8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Tilly, You have a gift! I am so impressed. Thank you for not just liking some of my posts…but following the blog now as well. I guess God knew what He was up to when he placed this purpose within…it’s just up to me to continue “trusting.” Have a beautiful evening 🙂


    • Thank you so much Kenzel! I came across your blog through GoodGraceiousness’ Liebster nomination. I love finding more people who are writing about God’s goodness so I’m excited about reading more of your stuff!

      • Aw, Thank you! That really encourages me. Nothing is written without His “Stamp” of approval…as such 😉 I’ve never heard of the Liebster award til this weekend. Even though I’ve been at this almost a year…this is still pretty new to me!

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