Happy Birthday To Me!


So, it’s finally arrived – my birthday!

Twenty-eight.  Two, eight.  Late twenties.  Two away from thirty.

It’s already better than my last birthday.  I cried before turning twenty-seven, and I am not a cryer.  I’m feeling much better about this one, despite getting even older.  However, I’ve come to appreciate that there are plenty of benefits to getting older.  Here are ten that spring to mind:

1. I have more life experience under my belt than I did twelve months ago.  With each passing year, I have more of a history to my name; more memories to draw on; more lessons to learn from.

2. Getting older means that immature thinking is thankfully a thing of the past.  I definitely don’t miss the playground antics and time consuming drama of my early twenties when friends would constantly be falling out and making up with one another.  Maturity equals steady.  Maturity means more time for the things that matter.  Maturity means I can go to a dinner party with six other girls and there not be any bitchiness or competitiveness.

3. I have now lived with myself for twenty-eight whole years.  I know myself far better than I did a decade ago.  I understand what I need and when, and more importantly I know what makes me happy.  And not just me, all my friends are much more clued up as to who they are.  We are not all clones of one another like we were as teenagers.  We embrace our own and one another’s individuality.


4. Getting older means I’ve had more years to invest in clothes.  I know what outfits suit me and what not to bother with.  I’ve gradually been able to establish a reliable wardrobe of dresses I love and that make me feel great.

5. My friendships are deeper now than they were a few years ago.  They’ve had more time to grow and develop.  We’ve seen each other through more highs and lows and are even closer because of them.

6. Being childish is still acceptable.  I don’t know if I’ll ever grow out of childish pranks.

7. Reminiscing about the past is funnier now than it was when I was younger.  Old memories and past fashion failures have dated even further and only seem to get more amusing.

8. With each day that goes by I’m seeing continual improvements in my nailart skills.  Here is a photo of last year’s birthday nails.  Looking back it’s encouraging to see how much progress I’ve made.


9. Dreams only get bigger as I realise how much more is possible.  The older I get, the less constricted I am by opportunities, worries, finances, self confidence etc.

10. Getting older means I have more to be grateful for.  Every day that passes is a gift from God and an opportunity to bless and be blessed.

So there are just a few reasons to welcome an increase in age.  After all, I’m only turning twenty-eight – I’m not too old to wear a crop top … right?!



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