Easy Ruffian Nailart

‘What even is Ruffian nailart?’ you may be wondering. Well –

‘The definition of a Ruffian is someone who does something against the rules.  Someone who is disruptive.  The Ruffian woman is bold, she has a sense of history, she’s a little bit irreverent, she’s a good girl who’s gone a little bit bad.’

So said Brian Wolk and Claude Morais – designers behind Ruffian (pronounced rooffian), the critically acclaimed cult New York label.

The duo are responsible for bringing back the half moon manicure popular in the 1920s and 30s dubbed the Ruffian manicure.  Every season they have designed a new version and have had to do 35 manicures on 35 models.  As a result they have now teamed up with MAC make-up and have produced appliqué nails of their designs for quick and easy application.

Their press-on nail designs include the following:

Demilune – a gold and black half moon manicure with a matte finish

Demilune MAC nails

Spectator – a cream manicure with black french tips and black semicircle base

Spectator MAC nails

Demoisellealmond-shaped red nails with a white semicircle base and black french tips

Demoiselle MAC nails

Although I haven’t tried these appliqué nails, I came across an excellent review for them here.

What I am here to do however, is to show you that at a fraction of the price, and for a lot more satisfaction, you can do your own Demilune Nails. You too can have a little piece of couture at your fingertips, thus ‘fusing beauty and accessories together in a modern way.’

Give them a go and you’ll be looking fierce for London Fashion Week in a fortnight’s time.

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