I’m Ready to Try Nailart

So, perhaps you’ve been considering it for a while, you may even have attempted a design or two, but now the time has come for you to take your nailart ambitions to the next level.  

Where do you go from here?  How do you go about having nails that will leave people speechless?!


Ah Haaa!  That’s what I’m here for.

I’m going to ask you a series of questions to help you get on your way. Ok, here goes …

1. Can you master a good base colour?

Yes – go to question 2.

No – read this to discover how to make your manicure look professional and then continue to question 2.

2. Is this your first time doing nailart?

Yes – you’ll be brilliant!  There are some introductory nailart tips here and 7 tips to consider before embarking on nailart here. Once you feel confident, move on to question 3.

No – great, proceed to question 3.

3. Do you want to try some new equipment?

Yes – read this and this for some recommendations of nailart equipment then move on to question 4.

No – stripes are a great design to try if you’re a beginner because you don’t always need extra equipment. Try one of these six simple stripe designs.

Vertical Stripe Gradient Nails

Or this a ruffian manicure is always an easy place to begin. Then go to question 9.

Demilune Ruffian Nails

4. Do you want to have a go at a simple gradient? 

Yes – here’s a tutorial for you to try, then go to question 9.

Rainbow Gradient Nails

No – move on to question 5.

5. Do you have nailart pens or dotting tools?

Yes – how about one of these polka-dot designs?  Then go to question 9.

Yellow crowned nails

No – proceed to question 6.

6. Do you have all the tools and equipment imaginable?

Yes – I’m jealous!  Try this love design then nip to question 9.

Valentine's Day Love Nails

No – it’s ok, neither do I!  Go to question 7.

7. Are you up for trying something a bit fiddly?

Yes – there are some tutorials for detailed fashion-inspired designs here and an ikat tutorial here before you go to question 9.


No – move on to question 8.

8. Are you just looking for inspiration?

Yes – ooh me too, always!  Have a look at my nailart photo archive and see if anything takes your fancy then proceed to question 9.

No – go to question 9.

9. Has this been helpful?

Yes – I’m so pleased!  If you give nailart a go, post it on Instagram and tag me @tillynailart so I can see too.

No – please comment below or drop me an email and send through any suggestions for what you’d like me to post about or what tutorials you might like to see.


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