Work-Appropriate Nailart

Job hunting can be hard, stressful and demoralising. Not just because of the endless emotional roller coaster of interviews, the aimless trawl through websites and being herded like cattle through recruitment agencies, but perhaps most drastically because when you have no idea how long it is until your next interview, the only course of action is to ensure you’re constantly sporting a preened and perfect, professional-looking manicure.

And I don’t just mean nails that look like a professional did them – hopefully we can all master that by now.  I mean, nails that are suitable for the workplace.

Gosh it’s so tricky!  Of course, I want to be seen as a serious candidate for job opportunities. But I also want to let a little of my personality, and passion for nailart, show.  With that in mind, I thought I’d take you on a tour of my 4 tips for achieving sock-it-to-’em, knock-’em-dead, money-back-guaranteed (*ahem, maybe not right now!) office-appropriate manicures.

1. Embrace Textures and Fabric Patterns

Tweed and Border Nails

One way to ensure your nails are suitable for the workplace but will still impress on the design-front is to match them with the texture of your outfit.  Think glamorous thick tweeds by Chanel or you could try out some tartan like the Burberry design below.  Keep colours dark or neutral to maintain a slick appearance.

Of course it depends which industry you work in.  It may be that you can get away with much brighter prints, like this pink and black houndstooth design.  If the latest Spring/Summer 2015 line by Moschino, inspired by Barbie is anything to go by, perhaps this look is more acceptable than we would previously have imagined.

Burberry Nails Pink Houndstooth Nails

2. Adopt on-Trend Colour Combinations

Subtle Peacock Nails

No one can reprimand you for nailart in the office when your digits are this bang up-to-date.  Keep on top of this season’s colour palette with muted greys and flashes of berry tones.  Blend the two and you’ll have mastered a subtle concoction that will fit in just about anywhere.

If you can dare to bare a little more of your personality then some pastel shades or neon brights on a black backdrop will surely gain the respect of both your peers and your superiors and who can resist a chic twist on a leopard print design?  Just what’s needed to brighten up the office – no one can argue with that!

Spiral dotted nails Pink leopard nails

3. Utilise the Negative Space

Negative Space Nails

Nothing breathes fresh life into a mono-coloured mani like a bit of negative space. It’s also a great way to make black nails wearable but not too aggressive.  Try this punchy matte black design with a semicircle base that’s just eye-catching enough to get you noticed.

Or for a simpler take on the design, this ruffian manicure adds a sheen of gold for the perfect assertive yet understated design.  For pure demure however, the sophisticated subtleties of lace are too hard to resist.

Demilune Ruffian Nails Lace Nails 2

4. Opt for Dark Colours and Metallics

Dry Marble Nails

Shimmer into the office oozing glamour with this petrol-coloured dry marble design that’s easier than it looks to achieve and utterly effortless to carry off in the workplace.

Or for added sheen, this quatrefoil design commands instant awe and appreciation. And for a faint glimmer of sparkle, try and sneak a triple glitter gradient through the office doors.  You certainly won’t regret it when you catch a glimpse of it as you’re typing away.

Quatre foil nails Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

There you have my suggestions for personality-filled nailart that won’t undermine your authority at work. Now let’s see if one of these designs will bag me a job…!


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