Velvet Nails – Yes or No?

Velvet nails have been around for a while but I’d delayed trying them until very recently.  I’d had so many doubts and questions, primarily, would I be able to get them wet?  Here’s what I discovered.

Velvet Nails

How Do Velvet Nails Work?

Velvet nails are achieved by applying a special powder to wet nails which gives a furry texture. I used a brand called Nail Rock and along with the burgundy velvet powder came a bottle of nail varnish in a matching colour.

What You Will NeedIMG_9178.JPG

— Velvet powder
– Matching nail varnish
– Base coat
– Tweezers
– A piece of paper
– Old, clean make up brush
– Nail studs (optional)
– Top coat for studs (optional)


To begin with, I folded and unfolded the paper in half and used this as my workspace so when I was finished I could easily pour the excess powder back into the pot.

Next I painted my nails with a base coat and one coat of the nail varnish provided.  Then focusing on one nail at a time I applied a coat of the matching nail paint and then, with the polish still wet, using the tweezers, I picked up some of the powder and dropped it onto the nail.  I repeated this until there was a thick layer of the powder on my nail and then pressed it down relatively firmly using my finger.

After a few seconds I brushed the excess powder away using the make up brush and moved onto the next nail.

I then applied the nail studs using a drop of top coat as glue.


1. I found velvet nails to be really quick and easy.  Wonderfully there is no need for a top coat and they dried really fast.

2. I decided to add a nail stud and didn’t have any problem applying it on top of the velvet.  I just used a drop of top coat as an adhesive.

3. Quite surprisingly, velvet nails are very resilient.  I knocked them a number of times fearful that I would have ruined them but remarkably they remained in tact.

4. Velvet nails can withstand water, soap, moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner.  Thankfully I didn’t need to change my routine in order to accommodate them.  Velvet nails will look slightly darker when wet but will return to normal when dry.

5. A very small pot of the powder will last a long time.  After doing ten nails I still had almost a full pot remaining.

6. Mistakes are easily covered up.   If you happen to smudge or nick a nail, you can simply apply a tiny bit more of the varnish and some powder and press it down to blend it in.

7. The whole process was extremely fun and therapeutic and the finished effect got a lot of admiration too.

8. Removing velvet nails is not an issue.  The powder comes off with an ordinary nail varnish remover.



1. Although velvet nails can cope with water and soap, any tinted creams, foundations or powder will show up on your nails and can produce a balding effect on the velvet.

2. As a result of the bizarre texture, I was nervous of everything I did for fear that I would ruin them – brushing my teeth, tying my hair up, cooking, eating etc.  I found oil left a residue on the nails and it made me wonder how much dirt the velvet harboured as they don’t give a wipe clean surface. I wouldn’t even have attempted these if I’d had a baby’s nappy to change!

3. In fact, the odd texture actually put me off doing a few things – peeling an orange for example and eating food with my hands which might cause me to put my nails in my mouth.

3. Velvet nails easily attract fluff so I found I was constantly cleaning them which quickly became annoying.

4. When adding the nail studs I had to be careful not to apply too much top coat adhesive as it showed up as a darker section on the velvet.

5. The stray powder can get stuck in your cuticles and edges of your nails making your manicure look messy, and cleaning up the edges with a thin brush is slightly precarious as the nail varnish remover seeps into the velvet and can cause more of the velvet to be removed than was intended.

6. Velvet nails don’t last as long as a regular manicure.  I removed them after a couple of days as they had already started to bald. Opting for a darker colour makes the balding less noticeable however. (Here are some tips on how to make your manicure last a week.)


Velvet nails are minimum effort and high impact – great if you’re just running to a party or a night out because they don’t take long to dry.  Just make sure you apply your make up beforehand.

I hope you found this helpful.  Let me know if you decide to give them a go!


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