My Nailart Station


Inspired by the WeWork “Show Us Your Dream Space” campaign I wanted to show you my nailart station and share a few tips on how to create a beautiful workspace of your own.  WeWork is a a co-working company that builds communities across the globe to empower freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs to do what they love.

There are two main factors that contribute to an ideal workspace – Work and Space.

1. Work

The first thing to bear in mind is that your desk has to be a place where you’re able to work.  It sounds obvious enough, but ensuring you have everything you need to complete your work within easy reach is essential.  I have various activities that constitute ‘work’ when I’m at my desk.

Burberry Nails

First and foremost is nailart.  I need to know that all my tools and paints are easily accessible – this is especially important for me because with wet nails, the last thing I want to have to do is get up to find something else that I need.


My nailart tools are stored in two places – the things I use most frequently, nail varnish remover, base coat, top coat, acrylic paints and palette are on a shelf unit on my desk, alongside a bucket of all my brushes and dotting tools while my collection of nail varnishes are stored in a drawer unit under my desk.


The second activity that I do at my desk is blogging.  For this I need my notebook, pen and pencil and my laptop.  These are also stored on my desk within easy reach and with a laptop charger close at hand.


The third thing that comes under the ‘work’ banner is writing cards and letters.  I have a box of personalised letterhead and some sharpies on my desk and a drawer of notecards and stickers, so I’m ready to write whenever the moment arises.  My favourites are some blank cupcake cards, Vogue postcards and personalised stationery from Honeytree Publishing.


So that explains how my desk actually allows me to work.

2. Space

The second aspect to consider when creating your workspace is that your desk has to be a place where you want to work.  It’s as much about building an environment that encourages productivity as it is about factoring in practicalities.


Firstly, there has to be enough space for you physically as well as mentally.

Physically, there needs to be ample room for you to sit comfortably and spread your things out around you whereas creating mental space which gives you a desire to work is about appealing to all of your senses.


i) Sight
Lighting is essential to working effectively.  Combining a mixture of natural light and artificial light is important to make sure you can work at all times of the day.  Having brighter lights and softer mood lighting will also affect your creativity in different ways so it’s good to be able to cater for both.  I find brighter lights keep me alert when I need to work and think quickly, while softer lighting and candles are conducive to thinking creatively and mulling over ideas.

Colours are also an important factor to consider.  I love the cleanness of white but I also have accents of pink around my desk for a feminine touch and my selection of acrylic paints for extra pops of colour.

Imagery is equally as important for enhancing creativity and productivity. What do you have around you and how is it impacting your work?  I have some photos of loved ones in crisp white frames and also a photo of my first ever nailart portrait taken by a good friend of mine.  It serves as a reminder that other people believe I’m good at what I do.   Then above my desk I have a big mirror that reflects the rest of my room.  It enables me to expand my vision to beyond what I’m doing in the moment. Another incentive to working is having a vase of flowers on your desk.  I find it draws me in to wanting to work.

Neatness is a great contributor to creating an enticing work environment. Having to shuffle through clutter to find any space is going to hinder both your productivity and your creativity.


ii) Smell
A pleasing aroma is the easiest way to enhance a work space.  My favourite scented candles at the moment are Peony and Blush Suede by Jo Malone, Pomegranate by The White Company and Baies by Diptyque.  The combination is alluring, clean and floral and helps relax me so I’m able to work peacefully.


iii) Sound
Music is really important for me in creating an atmosphere that motivates me to work.  Right now I’m listening to the new Ben Howard album, I Forget Where We Were which is the perfect background, chilled vibe.

iv) Touch
A comfortable chair is essential to the ideal workspace.  Occasionally I even work on my laptop in bed for extra comfort.


Working all day long can lead to very dry hands and lips, so I like to have hand moisturiser and lip balm within reach at all times so that I have no distractions that might prevent me from working.

v) Taste
Whenever I sit down to work at my desk I’ll always have a mug of lemon and ginger tea and a glass of water nearby.  I also have a pot of chocolates for the moments when I need a sugar hit for extra inspiration.

So there you have some details about my workspace and all the things to consider when building your own.  For me it’s about combining convenience with creativity in equal measure.  If I could add something to my workspace it would be a chalkboard where I could write up my blog schedule and tick posts off as I went along.

To understand some of the inspiration for my nailart station, check out my Pinterest board {Dream Home} Workspace.



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