Six Easy Dotted Christmas Manicures

You may already have tried out a few of my simple striped Christmas manicures.  Now I bring you some super easy dotted Christmas nailart.  For these, all you’ll need is a set of cheap dotting tools, an array of nail polish colours and a reasonably steady hand.  So what’s stopping you from joining in the festive fun?!



These are the quickest nails I think I’ve ever done!

1. Paint a layer of your base coat.

2. Then paint the tips red – it should just take a swipe of red polish along the tip, but you might need two coats.  Don’t worry about keeping it neat!

3. Paint half a vertical stripe of red, near to the edge of the nail.

4. Pour out some white nail varnish on a palette or on the back of an old book and, using a medium-sized dotting tool, place dots of white along the edge of the horizontal red stripe and one on the tip of the vertical red stripe. Allow to dry and seal with your top coat and there you have some super swanky, easy peasy Christmas nails!




1. Paint a layer of base coat, followed by two coats of white nail varnish.

2. Pour out some green polish and, using a medium-sized dotting tool, place some green dots in a curved shape near the tip of your nail with spaces in between, and do a couple of dots just below the curve, again with spaces in between.

3. Pour out your red nail varnish and, having cleaned your dotting tool, use it to place red dots in the gaps between the green dots.

4. Pour out some black polish and take your largest dotting tool and place two dots for coal on the snowman’s front.  Wait for it to dry before topping with your top coat.




1. Apply a layer of base coat followed by a double coat of brown nail varnish.

2. Pour out some white polish and take your large dotting tool to place two white eyes half way down your nail.

3. While the white dries, pour out some red polish and take your largest dotting tool to add a big red nose on the tip of your nail.

4. Pour out some black polish, take your small dotting tool and add some eyes to the centre of the white circles.

5. Pour out some light brown polish and, using your smallest dotting tool, add four little dots in a cross-shape above each eye for antlers.  Leave your nails to dry before adding a layer of top coat.



1. Paint a layer of base coat, followed by two layers of white nail varnish.

2. Pour out some green nail varnish and take a medium-sized dotting tool to add dots, randomly spread out, within an imaginary triangle shape.

3. Pour out a darker green polish and repeat step 2.

4. Pour out a light green polish and repeat steps 2 and 3.

5. Pour out some red polish and take a small dotting tool to place a few red dots within the triangle shape.

6. Take a gold glitter polish and swipe the brush over the triangle to add some twinkling decorations on your tree.




1. Paint your base coat and two coats of brown nail varnish.

2. Pour out some white polish and blob dots using your largest dotting tool, along the cuticle and also in a wave shape half way down the nail, then join the lines up so that you have an icing effect.

3. Take your smallest dotting tool, pour out some red nail varnish, and apply three tiny red berries to each Christmas pud.

4. Pour out some green polish and use your tiniest dotting tool to add six little dots either side of the red berries in an oval shape, to make it look like holly.




1. Apply your base coat, followed by two coats of red varnish, then pour out some white polish and take a large dotting tool to add four white dots in a semi-circle shape near the cuticle.

2. Pour out some red polish and use your medium-sized dotting tool to add four red dots in a semi-circle, overlapping the four white ones.

3. Repeat step 2, using a small dotting tool and white polish.

4. Take your largest dotting tool and place a big red dot in the centre by your cuticle.

5. Follow up with a medium-sized white dot on top of the red dot.

6. Finally take your smallest dotting tool and add a red dot in the middle of the central white dot and, after leaving it to dry, follow up with top coat.


So there are another six easy manicures, this time using dotting tools. Which design is your favourite?  Join in the festive fun and give them a go. I’d love to see yours if you decide to try any – simply tag me on Instagram @tillynailart.


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