Nailart Through my Birthdays

It’s been about three years since I started painting designs on my nails and here is how my skills have developed over the years.

January 2013

My first birthday nails were these Balloon Nails which spelled out a very basic HAPPY B-DAY.  I love looking back and seeing how far I’ve come – in terms of technique, neatness and photography.  I mean – just look at those cuticles!20140118-145235.jpg

January 2014

Last year, I had recently started using acrylic paint for nailart and was able to attempt much more delicate designs like these Happy Birthday nails.  It was encouraging to see how my nailart writing had improved since the year before but I seem to remember it still took a couple of tries to fit the words in!

Birthday Nails

January 2015

This year, I opted for acrylic paint again and also reverted to some balloons for my birthday nails.  I love how colourful these ones are and they should last for a full week of festivities!

Birthday Balloon Nails

I’m looking forward to seeing what January 2016 will hold, when I turn 30! Hopefully I’ll continue to see improvements in my nailart skills.


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