tillynailart – the story


I fell into nailart quite by accident. As an introvert working in London it can be hard to feel like you’ve had enough time to yourself each week. I soon became strict about having Monday nights in to prepare for the week ahead and get my mind in order. That’s when I started painting my nails.

I’d been for enough manicures to know what it took to make them last. And so, having preened and perfect nails became evidence that I’d had sufficient time to myself each week.

I’ve always been creative. As a child I would religiously imitate Blue Peter’s crafts and designs, fiercely cutting and sticking. And then as I grew up I began to think that creativity simply wasn’t compatible with a full time job. But something inside me craved a creative outlet.

It was just over two years ago that I started being more adventurous with my nails – alternating colours and creating themes to match events. Then for the Queen’s Jubilee I attempted a Union Jack design.


Looking back it was incredibly basic and a poor representation of any ounce of patriotism but my nailart adventure had begun and so continued my weekly pursuit for the newest trends and the most daring technique. Here’s how things have improved.

Patriotic Nails

I’m so happy that you’ve come to see my endeavours. I hope you find inspiration and some tips to help you on your own adventure!


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