Q. Are they your real nails?

A. Yes.  100% natural.  Check this out for some tips on growing your nails long and strong.

Q. How long does it take you to paint your nails?

A. In the beginning I would spend about an hour painting my nails and although I’m getting quicker, my designs are getting more complicated so I can and have spent up to three hours painting my nails.

Q. How long have you been painting your nails?

A. I started in June 2012 with a Union Jack design for the Queen’s Jubilee.  Click here for more details.

Q. Do you paint other people’s nails?

A. No.  I used to but it got frustrating watching people smudge their nails or pick off the varnish moments after I’d finished.

Q. How do you paint such tiny details?

A. I use pens and tiny brushes for the details.  See here and here for more info.


If you have other questions just comment below or send me an email.


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