The girl behind tillynailart

Photo by Blaowphoto

Growing up in the busyness of London with her three older sisters and two younger brothers, Tilly developed an acute case of introversion.  What some naively see as a mental disorder(!), Tilly harnessed as the vital ammunition to spend hours on end researching nailart and painting her nails.  You need only be following her on Instagram to realise just how thick and fast the polish flows through her.

Now, with two years of practice under her belt, Tilly presents simple manicure tips to put your nail technician out of a job, and introductory techniques to tempt even the most amateur nail-painter to give it a go.

The best thing about it?  It’s all wrapped up within the context of her real-life introverted adventures as she battles with the ethics of her excessive dedication to nailart, shares secrets from the nailart community and divulges details about her personal relationships.

Join her on her journey and be inspired as you have your expectations raised as to what’s achievable with nailart and in life.


3 thoughts on “The girl behind tillynailart

  1. I am blown away by all these beautiful nails. Because I type so much I usually keep my nails short, and sometimes paint them. But, I confess, I want to do more with them. You’re very inspiring! You’re truly creating art!

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