Knowing what makes you happy can turn heartbreak on its head, a frown upside down or generally help put a hard week behind you.

100 Happy Days – a challenge encouraging participants to post a photo every day of something that made them happy, reports that ‘seventy-one percent of people who tried to complete the challenge failed, quoting lack of time as the main reason.’  It poses the uncomfortable question: ‘These people simply did not have time to be happy.  Do you?’

I’m not about to embark on this 100-day challenge.  I’m actually not sure I do have the time.  Plus the threat of failure would probably eliminate any happiness from the entire process!

What I am going to do however, is share with you one of my tricks for staying happy.  I have at my disposal a cumulative list of things that make me happy that I can dip into whenever I’m in need of a lift.  Sometimes it may be cake – interestingly the word tiramisu literally means pick me up!

Cupcake Nails

Other times a listen to a bit of Pharrell Williams Happy while doing a spot of shoulder shrugging may be all that’s needed.

Whatever it is that’s getting me down, doing something on my list can almost always shake off a slump, so I thought I’d share part of it with you. Some of the things that make me happy are:

  1. Dancing round my room
  2. Organising clutter, or if I don’t have the energy then googling storage options
  3. Candlelit bubble baths accompanied by classical music
  4. Watching old movies, especially with Fred Astaire
  5. Listening to jazz – Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald
  6. Drinking hot chocolate with extra marshmallows
  7. Spending time with family especially my nieces and nephew
  8. Eating macaroons or Turkish Delight
  9. Watching YouTube videos of bad lip reading
  10. Dunking biscuits in tea
  11. Chatting to a best friend
  12. Playing the piano
  13. Learning to do something new
  14. Watching a Disney movie
  15. Ticking something off a to-do list
  16. Getting into freshly cleaned sheets
  17. Challenging friends to their loudest laugh in a public place
  18. Going on a shopping spree
  19. Chatting to someone about something they’re passionate about
  20. Having a whole afternoon to read a magazine
  21. Planning what nails to paint
  22. Painting my nails
  23. Having painted nails! Especially when I complete a set that was particularly intricate like my Mickey and Minnie Mouse nails.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Nails

Those are just a few things that make me happy.  I have a Pinterest board called My Favourite Things so I can always find inspiration.  When I need cheering up, I’ll work out which options I have the time, the energy or the money for and decide from there.

Do you have a list?  What lifts you up when you’re feeling down?

My latest nails are the biggest pick me up so here they are in case they can brighten your day too!

Yellow crowned nails

I think the Lost Boys had it right – ‘think happy thoughts and you can fly!’

Have a great day!


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